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Runae and I will arrive at the site of the wedding before you to set up our equipment, and are ready to start photographing your day when you arrive. We typically like to start taking pictures 3 hours before the wedding. 2 hours for pictures then an hour off for the guest to arrive.

During the wedding we take pictures of the wedding party walking in, only a few during the cermony, and everyone walking out. From there we go with you to the reception and take many more pictures of the wedding party, friends, and family enjoying the day.

If there is a good, out of the way place at the reception, we will set up our studio flashes and backdrop for extra bride and groom photos. We can also take family portraits for anyone who would like one during the reception. The reception photos and portraits (and any wedding pictures that you would like for your crowd to be able to order) will be available for purchase on our Lifetouch Photo Ordering website. http://leeandrunae.lifepics.com (see Reprints page)

We charge $650.00 for our service.  You will receive all of the photos that we take on a data DVD which will be yours to keep and print from as you wish. We will pick what we think are the best 300 or so pictures and put them in the main file on the disk and put the rest in a reserve folder. In the main file, several pictures will be converted to black and white.  (All black and white photos will also be available in color in the reserve folder.)

Additional Service: Proof Album - $350.00. 300 Color & B/W photos in a high quality leather album. We have several albums to choose from.

Vintage Embossed Proof Albums
Vintage embossed Proof Albums feature subtle embossed "Our Wedding" images throughout the front and back cover, with one large gold embossed "Our Wedding" on the lower right of the front cover. They are available in embossed black and embossed white. Simulated leather. Metal D-ring style binding.

Concord Proof Albums
Concord Proof Albums all have a black cover, with a subtle black embossed line around the outside edge. The Concord line is our most popular proof book. Simulated leather. Metal D-ring style binding. Cameo photo is optional.

Big Bargain Proof Albums
Big Bargain Proof Albums feature come in a wide variety of colors. They are available in embossed "Our Wedding" white, black/gold, burgundy/gold and platinum (new!). Simulated leather. Metal D-ring style binding.